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In today’s fast-moving, complex and ever-changing communications world, you need public relations professionals with instinct, influence, and experience. The Blass public relations team thinks strategically and with an entrepreneurial spirit. We craft compelling stories that convert to earned media and gain you media coverage that helps build your brand.

Our team sets you apart with ideas that drive dialogue and position your organization as thought leaders. And we manage social media programs that bring the spirit of your brand to life, help you connect with consumers, and engage your community.

What We Do

Media Relations - Blass Public Relations
News media is dynamic and evolving. Blass’ skilled PR team recognizes what might be of interest to a reporter or blogger, formulates story angles, then pitches well-developed story ideas. We help you create a media relations plan that includes message development, channel identification, and tailored media relations strategies that tell the best story to move your target audience to action.
Crisis Communications - Blass Public Relations
We work with clients to anticipate potential crisis communications situations, then formulate plans specific to each possible scenario. In the event of a crisis, we help you navigate what can be your organization’s defining moment while embracing a philosophy of respect for all parties involved— elements that include honesty with news media, sensitivity to employees and other stakeholders, and spokesperson training.
Social Media - Blass Public Relations
Blass Public Relations helps you engage with audiences and manage your online reputation. A successful social media program drives new, compelling content through channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and blogs, just to name a few. We work with you to develop and curate content that feeds social media momentum, and help you actively engage in social media in a meaningful way.
Message Development - Blass Public Relations serving the Albany NY region
Telling your story in a compelling, concise manner, and engaging your varied constituents. It all starts with effective messaging. Good communicators don’t just wing it; they deliver clear, consistent, on-brand strategy messages. Blass Public Relations helps you develop your voice for every audience, whether it’s analysts, customers, employees, board members, or the media.
Blass Public Relations

Getting your business known and understood by the public, industry analysts, or community leaders builds your brand and fosters positive public opinion. Whether your organization is a high-tech startup, manufacturer, professional services firm, the arts, or not-for-profit, we help achieve your public relations goals through a well-planned, goal-oriented public relations campaign.

Speaking Opportunities - Blass Public Relations

From short talks to panel discussions to keynote addresses, speaking engagements move you and your organization from a relative unknown to a business icon. Trade associations, service clubs, colleges, business networking groups, and business publications all seek qualified speakers to address their groups. We form the connections that get you noticed and establish you as an expert in your industry.

Community Relations - Blass Public Relations firm serving Albany NY

The public can be your biggest advocate or worst detractor. The difference between these extremes is distinguished by the efforts you devote to providing a community or a civic group with honest information about a project or issue. There is no substitute for grassroots, personal dialogue. We help you establish and cultivate relationships in the communities where you operate, or where you want to locate.